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Dublin Data Sec 2017 To Focus On the Implementation Of GDPR

It’s not long now till Dublin Data Sec 2017, taking place at the RDS Concert Hall in Dublin on 3 May 2017. The event is taking place to provide information, guidance and insight to help businesses comply with the European Union’s New General Data Protection Regulations and get the most out of them. The event features some of the brightest and best brains in terms of data protection and information security, including speakers such as:

  • Adrian Weckler, the Technology Editor at Independent News and Media
  • Helen Dixon, Data Protection Commissioner for Ireland
  • Joseph Carson, Cyber Security Strategist
  • Pauline Walley, Criminal and Internet Counsel
  • Emerald de Leeuw, Chief Executive Officer of Euro Comply GDPR Software
  • Jonathan Armstrong, Compliance and Technology Lawyer
  • Ronan Davy, Senior International Counsel, Etsy
  • Fred Logue, Information Law Specialist
  • Tomi Mikkonen, Data Protection Specialist
  • Mark Adair, Lawyer @ Mason, Hayes & Curran
  • Stephen Laffan, Workday Global Privacy Program Manager
  • Lorcan McLoughlin, Privacy Officer @ Rabobank
  • Daragh O’Brien, Founder of Castlebridge

These speakers will deliver speeches that will comprehensively cover the various impacts that implementing GDPR will have including legal, ethical and social as well as dealing with specific concerns such as:

  • How the General Data Protection Regulations will fundamentally change how businesses operate, from the self employed to large multinational corporations
  • Why simply being compliant will not be enough
  • How an organisation’s customers’ data should be secured
  • What steps an organization should make in the event of a data breach
  • How organisations can future proof themselves in terms of data protection and data security.
  • GDPR and Brexit
  • Ethical concerns of the General Data Protection Regulations

It will be Helen Dixon, the Data Commissioner for Ireland who could well be the key draw as she is the person responsible for implementing the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation in Ireland. Speaking in a recent interview with Ireland’s Independent newspaper, she reiterated the importance and the impact that implementing GDPR will have across Ireland and the rest of Europe:

“The GDPR is big news because it can’t be business as usual for any type of company or public sector body after May 2018. If it is business as usual after that point, there will be consequences for companies and organisations, whether they are big or small, public or private, and those consequences will be very significant. Consumers may seek compensation from organisations if they consider their data protection rights have been breached; Data Protection Authorities may enforce against organisations, including very significant fines; and if that happens we will be publishing the fact of the fine and the reason for the fine, meaning organisations may also suffer from reputational damage.”

Data Sec 2017 takes place on May 3rd at the RDS Concert Hall in Dublin. The event runs from 9am to 6pm and as well as the guest speakers on offer, there are various networking opportunities too.
For more information on the event, go to the Data Sec 2017 website at

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